12 March, 2008



How many people you come across would play Disney’s sound tracks in the car? Happy is such a person.

She is an extraordinary person and personality. She is funny, high spirited and always made me feel there is hope in the darkest moments. she belongs to the good old days of me being open to relations before getting into my cave and closing on myself.

Days and years passes, we occasionally meet, talk and she never fails to make me feel better. She is an English teacher btw, and I always teased her of breaking her student’s hearts.

Every once in a while she disappears and keep to herself, feel she do so to recharge herself with positive energy and comeback again.

She told me once sometimes she gets embarrassed to write me because it had been ages since she last did, and I think she is giving me the cold shoulder and neednt to be pushy.

This is how great friendships ends.

she shares the same name as Her, i never called happy by her name. i wounder why i consider Her name so sacred

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