12 March, 2008

NY times article

This post along with new York times article triggered lots of thoughts inside me.

It is difficult now to be happily married and settled down at the age of 25. an age I personally see perfect for marriage. Bardo in the good old days, you had a 50/50 chance of being the “first love” now think the chances are .000000001%. all singles are walking around with broken hearts, abusive relationships and all sort of bad experiences and negative feedbacks.

Media now are aggressively promoting the single parent family model, independent people breaking away from family traditions.

A friend even thought my move to Cairo is triggered by me wanting to break the chains and go independent.

Parents aren’t giving an easy way out for young people to get married. Starting from financial obligations a young man incurs which alone should take a lifetime unless aided by his family or the Hayfa / El Saka symptoms. You would hear parents lecturing about how we must make marriages easier and help young people, but when it has to do with their own daughters or sons, all the talk vanishes.

People now are asking for assurances only Allah can provide. And in return, rape, sexual harassment, premarital relations rates are sky rocketing.


E N G Y said...

FYI..The highest rate of who rape, sexual harass, go in/out relations are the married!!..you are a man and you won’t notice this..I am a single female and I can ensure that single guys never verbally, mentally or physically harass.
So being single is not the issue!!..living in imbalanced society is!!

For being someone's forst love is really so hard, but fair enough..she won't be yours as well.

Shimaa Gamal said...

I agree with Engy. Single people don't usually get involved in such sexual offenses.
I don't really know why. But I believe I would put my reason in another pointless post.
Anyway, I also believe that your move to Cairo is a step to get out of the cage.
Marriage is Egypt sucks. The whole rituals. I don't know why can't we just get married. The process should be as easy as that. Two people falling for one another, deciding to get married and that's it. No strings attached. It is complicated enough I don't know why families, parents and even neighbors should be included in the process!!

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

marriage turned to be a mistake ... many get marry every day, and much more get divorced every day !!!

thats, without counting the broken hearted singles!!!

is it the society rules, or us?
do we really have the strength to carry such a responsibility!!

do we know how to love?
do we know how to give?
do we know how to forgive ????

do we aslan know what is a relationship ??? and what it takes to make it successful ... why do we always stop i front of the first challenge !!!

marriage in egypt is a legal system made for reproduction and having safe sex :)

and that is it... call me crazy :)

and about parents ... well i had an experience and u know what !!! if there is next time, i will not allow them to interfere, they ask for the unaskable ... think they will make their daughter precious ... mmm what is the % of spinsters in egypt???

Shimaa Gamal said...

"marriage in egypt is a legal system made for reproduction and having safe sex :)"

Allah yenawar 3alieky, and when I said that arranged marriages in Egypt is a legal prostitution el donia 2amet we mesh la2ya korsy te3od 3alih till now :)