24 May, 2008

حج القرعه

ابتدو يقبلو طلبات حج القرعه
and you can apply online kaman chk this link out


pls spread the word who knows. may be you will turn out to be الرابح الاكبر

i know i know, but couldnt help the last phrase.


لقاهرة - محرر مصراوي - وافق حبيب العادلى وزير الداخلية على اجراء القرعة العلنية لحجاج القرعة بالحاسبات الآلية بجميع المحافظات بداية من يوم السبت الموافق 16 أغسطس الحالى تحت اشراف مدير امن كل محافظة وبمشاركة ضباط الادارة العامة للشئون الادارية والادارة العامة للمعلومات والتوثيق كالتالي:
يوم السبت 16 اغسطس لمديريات امن القاهرة - حلوان - اسوان - المنيا.
الاحد 17 اغسطس لمديريات امن الجيزة- ادارة الاقصر- سوهاج - بنى سويف - جنوب سيناء - القليوبية.
الاثنين 18 اغسطس مديريات امن قنا - اسيوط - شمال سيناء - الفيوم - الغربية - السويس.
الثلاثاء 19 اغسطس مديريات امن البحر الاحمر- الوادى الجديد - بورسعيد - البحيرة - الاسماعيلية.
الاربعاء 20 اغسطس مديريات امن الاسكندرية - دمياط - الدقهلية - الشرقية.
الخميس 21 اغسطس مديريات امن كفر الشيخ - المنوفية - مطروح.

14 May, 2008

blue orange juice and chocolate

Just came from a nice restaurant/cafe called mosaic that has a Lebanese touch to it.

It is always nice meeting old friends, enjoying nice food and sincere talk. Always nice to be with people who u can let your guards down. And not being afraid to be misunderstood.

The eye catching thing beside the chicks infesting the place, were two ladies who were sitting just the opposite table eating water melons and one crying her heart out for her friend. Wanted to give her a chocolate I had on me and tell her nothing really matters. Told S of my idea and she found it strange and after some thought she wanted to be the one giving her the chocolate and saying the words.

She did and ended up with a kiss. ( khosara) mmmmmm on the other hand I may have ended up with a slap on the face.

I sometimes wonder about the tears we shed, are they really worthy of the things we are crying for.

Picture attached for the first page of the menu really touched with the first part of it.

Askandarani, from pizza hut el mesaha after having “blue sky” a “blue” orange concentrate with seven up. Over and out.

Face Book

Why didn’t u add me

Why are you putting me in a limited profile

Why are you in all these groups

Frome where do u know folana or folan

Why don’t you put your real profile picture

Could you hook me up with x

Some questions I am left speechless when I am asked regarding face book

weight on my shoulders

Yet another weight rested on my shoulders today, the body of a father of one of my best friends. May ALLAH have mercy on his soul along with all muslim.

Prayers, ceremony and a final good bye. I usually like to wait a few minutes behind after the ceremony is over, people leave and the grave is still wet and alone. Someday this will be my resting place as well and I will be left all alone. I am not afraid of leaving this world but I am afraid of what I have done in it. Cause this will be the only thing that really counts.

الحكومه دي مستنياني انا

Ok, let me see how the new price increase will affect me.

  1. New prices for the gas as I am getting a new car soon inshaa allah
  2. New prices for registering a new car mmm pls refer to previous point
  3. strong talk about an “improved” real estate tax as I am just the new proud owner of an apt in cairo ops, helwan, nop think it is cairo mmmmm don’t know
  4. And increase in natural gas prices for “energy intensive” industry as I am buying ceramic and cement

And my humble prediction is a price tsunami to follow in the coming couple of month ( no not immediate) regarding the prices of milk, vegetables and meat and outings will be more expensive as well.

apt thoughts

For the second time I chose an apartment, prepare it and make decisions regarding the little things in it alone. Always dreamt of going shopping with Her, she do all the talking, choosing and bargaining and I just sit on a chair exhausted from all the walking and driving and just watch her arguments. I end up asking friends and relatives make a chk list put prices in the corresponding Column and see my bank account balance.

I am building a house not a home, doing it cause I have to not cause I want to. And thought I may afford luxuries others cant still I envy them for long discussions regarding to buy what, from where and for how much.

Still I am going for the 32’ LCD with the home theater. And may even sacrifice a bigger car to get it.

Speaking of which. Inshaa allah will be going for the new Hyundai i10, though in love with the i30, but will play it cool and go one step at a time. I10, i20, i30.