18 June, 2008

ya fashel ya fhasel

Having very tough time in my post grad studies. Think the last subjects were some how related to nuclear physics, space-time continuum and time travel. With great emphasis on how to solve such topics manually with the aid of a basic calculator.

To cut a long story short, I handed in an empty mid term paper, didn’t hand in any of the assignments and skipped the final (naturally), oh and to spice things up I hade a critical mistake in a presentation.

The feeling of going through each question in the midterm and not being able to solve and going from question 1 to 5 was an experience of it own

Matters of the heart

a friend venturing in a new relation and is afraid to end in a messy way and end up losing a good friend, so asked what should be avoided ( have no idea why he came to me in particular)

told him what makes a relationship special is making the other part feel special and/or sharing dreams in a high voice. This automatically takes any relation to the next level and this automatically bardo makes it impossible to return to any previous level.

for a very simple reason, the other part will serve as a constant reminder of a lost dream or how this person used to make him/her feel special in someway and now just a zomol and cause of those two things this is why i think the true hurt and pain of a breakup truly comes from.

I told him whatever he will do, it will end up in a messy way and he will end up losing a friend, he thought I was joking, but I wasn’t.


Been away fro sometime, maybe the longest time I have been away from blogging. Don’t know if this is related to my broken laptop or too stressed to sit down and let it all out. Won’t spill negativity in this post but will mark the high point that I came across.

My mobile had some really incredible falls and still functioning.
Finding 3 m&ms when I think I already finished.
Seeing an old friend during a short stay in Egypt
Unexpected invitation for lunch and I do have time for it
Meeting old friends and laughing my heart out till it hurts
Someone crosses my mind and exactly the same second I find her calling my name
Finally finding Shania Twain complete discography
Being offered a kitkat chunky
Randomly meeting a very dear friend with her beautiful child
A sweet thank you message from a friend

un expected gift from a friend

09 June, 2008

حكمه اليوم

أحبب ما شأت فأنك مفارقه و أفعل ما شأت فأنك محاسب عليه