11 October, 2008


went to book my train ticked on Friday evening and thought why not to have a stroll like the good old days from sidi gabet home sweet home.

I took the tram ( I pronounce it toromay) for no apparent reason, some smart person decided to change the color of the leather seats from the famous red that had been around life forever to black or a very dark shade of green. I always assosciate alex with colors, pavments are yellow and black now gone, the tram seats red, taxis yellow and balck, now all gone except the taxi colors, and who knows.

A committee must be formed and supervised by the governor to try and capture the true essence of alex and preserve it and not allowing a bunch of biro crates dictate what is of sound taste and what isn’t, the great fiasco of suez canal tunnel still hurts my eyes.

Also and interesting change was moving the ladies car from the center to the beginning?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While in cairo moved it from the beginning to the center !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to conclude the evening I took a walk along the korneish, and found new writings on the scatter rock along the coastal line. Urging young couples to be aware of the consequences of what they are doing and rethink it and yete2o rabena in what they are doing, found similar sites in cairo along kasr el nile bridge and nile kornish. The words seems to lose their meaning as it was business as usual for the couples.

And it started to get chili in the evening, cant wait for winter to come, I love alex winter and hate cairo’s winter. U have wind, rain and worm sun in alex while cairo just like a freezer, cold hitting the bone, hardly any rain and its winter is cold, don’t know how t explain it but 3’eles keda, alex cold is alive and beautiful.

I am not making any sense


insomniac said...

enforcing morals and ethics through religion!!

when will people get that you do not enforce any of that!!!!

to me, it's destruction of public property, and ruining a good view... keda ba2a they think ennohom akhado sawab!!

as for the brilliant changes all over alex, i feel like all my alexandrian friends haymaweto el mo7afez!! it's funny how i start conversations with my cousins when i like provoking them, i go saying "we eh akher el tataworat fe alex" tenzel el sheteema 3al ragel :)))

bard cairo mesh 3agbak leeh bas... fe 7aga lazem takhod balak menha, lama betmattar fe cairo, bet3aggen we bettayen we beteb2a moshkela... alex is more prepared for the rain than here, da men fadl rabena 3ala cairo, la2enaha mesh na2sa!!

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i love alex in winter ... memories... and the angry sea seems to absorb all my dark feelings.. while the fresh air clean me from inside .. and leave me pure again

i need to detoxify my system this winter.. hope i can make it!!

The.I.inside said...

a lot of people love Alex at winter, I consider those the , i have a genuine respect for people who do.
and you were right about preserving the essence of Alex, although I doubt that this committee is already formed but with the goal to destroy that essence :(