31 October, 2008

صديق البرنامج

It is back to radio for me, still no TV (nop no 37’ LCD with surround sound, not after the world financial crisis and Egyptian stocks lost 2/3 of its value)
I thought 100.6 was cool but cairo had a nice surprise for me the 1004.2 who broadcast mainly English music and songs round the hours and have a late night show that I became to love. I even txt them a lot and registered my nick name, who knows, may be soon I will be sadik el barnameg.


The.I.inside said...

LOL wish we had shows like that where i live

E N G Y said...

Do you hear "big drive home with Sofi"..I like this show, wel fazoora bta3to awy:)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

hehehe ... that is one of cairo'd few good things ... thought i hardly listen to the radio .. rarely watch tv .. spend my time with my freind "laptop" and my music


bas enjoy ya samo7..we ya rab yenawelak ely fe balak ya rab :D