31 October, 2008

Pepsi man

For some unknown reasons I shifted from being a cola person to a Pepsi person.
Replaced cola with pepsi, sprite with 7up and fanta for mirinda.

If in a cola restaurant, I order juice. I don’t know why or when this shift happened, but it became a fact.
I preferred the more sugary, less steamy taste of pepsi to cola.

pepsi twist was really something special, miss gaveing it around

Think I better use my knowledge of consumer behavior to explain it, but yet have to finish the HR, Investment exams and a couple of late exams.


E N G Y said...

One week ago, I'd send you an official thank-you letter..but too late, I left pepsi khalas:(

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

i am the PEPSI WOMAN too

used to like cola .. but not anymore.. i used to drink many diet pepsi canz a day... but now i stopped :(

u know weight reasons .. i am into water and fresh juice ...

and when i do something good, i reward myself with a diet pepsi :)

ps: i dont like pepsi twist !!!

insomniac said...

i always thought pepsi had more steam!!! and i loved the pepsi twist, miss it!!

oh and engy, i expected a thank you letter years ago, it's what i drink instead of water :)