28 October, 2007


Been ages since I updated my blog fa here is a short list for things I want to blog about, hope I would get to them all by the end of this week

Cannibalizing on relations

Just Prayers

for tonight just prayers for all the ones who have to fight for what we take as granted. for them Patience and courage and for us appreciation of the blessings we have

14 October, 2007

Funny SMS

think this is the funniest sms i got this Eid.

احترت أوفر 30 قرش والا أعيد عليك .. وبعد تردد طويل وحسبة معقدة وصراع مرير مع النفس .. قررت ان الدنيا فانيه وماتسواش حاجه .. والبخل وحش وأنت أغلي من ال 30 قرش بأقول :
(عيد سعيد)
وعليه العوض

13 October, 2007

last minutes

Last minutes in the last day of Ramadan. Yesterday was the last Taraweeh and Keyam Prayers. The night of the Eid and their should be happiness but I cant find any in my heart, just hate it when Ramadan is over. I just sat and thought about the month. was I good, could I have done more. Realized my mistakes and just pray I could live to reach another Ramadan to do it right.
Super sad and feel like crying today will be just 3esha :-((

10 October, 2007


I have a big problem with virtuality don’t know if the word even exist but I use it to refer to online friends, fellow bloggers we keda. In such relation I feel the need for more info about person, u know, hard facts don’t know y, I am not being prejudice or stereotype people but it does matter to me and it may affect the relation.

“relation” online community really puzzles me, don’t know I miss “reading” people and I get worried and wonder where they went or what may have happened to them, is this normal???!!!!!! I really need to be less attached to people and things.

People i miss reading

Meaningless lines

old radio VS Mobile

Zaman people use to carry a small radio while they walked in the streets or in buses, was very popular at one point of time, then faded. Nowadays I noticed lots of people who have speaker phones in the mobile devices are reviving this traditions and I am not talking about using headphones but ”loud speakers” one of the really interesting uses was couples in the underground or on bridges make the other listen to their fav song or singer.

Ramadan thoughts,

As if it was only yesterday when the Imam was reciting El Bakara yesterday he started in Amaa Yetsa’aloon I look back to this almost over month and I wonder will it be a plus or a minus in my deeds, just prayers I can reach another Ramadan already started.
فلا أوحش الله منك يا شهر الصيام و القيام. و لا أوحش الله منك يا شهر التجاوز عن الذنوب العظام. و لا أوحش الله منك يا شهر التراويح. و لا أوحش الله منك يا شهر الذكر و التسبيح. و لا أوحش الله منك يا شهر المصابيح. و لا أوحش الله منك يا شهر التجارات المرابيح. و لا أوحش الله منك يا شهراً يترك فيه كل قبيح.

Operartion Deep Scrup

(Mini Master Mind & one of the characters of Transformers)

Well, been “ages” since I last “cleaned” and I am not talking about the normal dusting or cleaning, but deep scrubbing. The mission was motivated mainly by mom request as I literally ran out of space. Fa mom gave me an ultimatum, clean my room or she will take matters into her own hand. Which usually means every single paper, magazine, book will vanish.

Started taking it bit by bit, opening closed drawers and checking which things I can really do without disregarding its sentimental value. PC magazine, Windows and loghet el 3asr were the first to go. Imagine finding cover pages like “will OS2 WARP take over windows 95”, Best dot matrix printers for graphics and why upgrade to windows 3.11 for workgroups.

(Junior 1 report)

All out, along with tons of military magazines which I was really into. Found old school pics and reports old receipts manuals and first mobile phone, first pay slip. The only thing I will be holding to will be old issues of mickey magazine and books. Also found tons of CDs floppy disks and some even were 5.25. the operation had been going on for 2 days and I still estimate I will have another two days till it is all over.

first pay slip

04 October, 2007

Ramadan spirit.

For no apparent reason I couldn’t find a taxi from my usual spot so I walked few blocks to the main street hoping my luck will change. Fa standing their keeping an eye for an empty taxi among they busy street and amazingly a red 128 ( my fav car ) pulls over with a midaged couple apparently on their way to work also and politely offered to give me a lift and politely I refused and thanked them. was really touched.
Cant imagine this happening any other except in Ramadan.

Baseball bat

The thought of buying a baseball bat been haunting me for quite sometime. Not that I want to start playing baseball or anything, but I want to put it beside my desk at work, and when having the usually arguments with co worker and things starts to worm up I would just put it on the desk and continue talking normally. Think it will enhance my negotiation skills. ( me being mean )


Some may identify them as being extremely polite, tempered or loyal but the trait that I find really outstanding in them is cleanliness.

They are really clean starting from the office boys to top executives. I remembered this while I was in ramsis station just before iftar and a couple of Nubian ladies walked in, so humble and quite they sat, pulling out their sandwiches asking for a bottle of water and tea and they had iftar. When they finished, not only they collected everything they consumed and put it in a plastic bag and left it on the table but checked the floor and picked any bread crumps which may have fell from them. When they left the place was cleaner. A quick glance to other tables of more “sophisticated” people it was simple a mazbala.

Greetings to them and for their great history and even a greater heritage.

pebble in a pond

When u through a little pebble in a pond, it will make waves that will eventually wash away, just like little problems we face in our lives, it will shake it but eventually will wash away.

Lots of people like to think that way, but I have a little something extra to add, the bottom of the pond will never be the same again.