28 March, 2007

بلادي وان جارت علي عزيزه * وأهلي وان ضنوا علي كرام

they tried to bend the laws, but they couldn’t, so they will change the constitution in a fail attempt to give legitimacy for their doings and insure their existence and continuity.

They forgot that the constitution is the true spirit of a country, a country they became isolated from and forgot all about it.

Sometimes I wonder, doesn’t any one read history, or they think they learned their lesson. Cause if so, fools they are and they will learn the hard way

Cairo Take one

Cairo, I hate Cairo. but had to go to chk out a trade show and decided to sleep the night over so I could have a chance to meet old friends. Hardly have anyone in Alex now :-(

The show was ok, I went casual and was hoping to mingle with the crowd and not to be spotted, but turned out I was day dreaming. After less than an hour I was spotted by five from the Cairo office. Who were amazed to see me and a couple of exhibiters I know who insisted I must dine with them.

This was for the afternoon and the evening was mine, meet an old college friend who left Alex and now in Cairo for almost 6 months. Caught up on old issues and was updated and talked about life, the big C and work and dreams of tomorrow.

Then another meeting with a friend, we are so different but so getting along and understand each other. We managed to find this common place where we can sit and talk and respect the differences in each others. It was a warm heart to heart conversation that I really miss.

Then it was city stars time for me, this mean virgin megastore and compume, virgin came to be a disappointment, they have a nice book collection, but they don’t carry the things I really want to buy. Funny enough they show on their computers but never on the shelves.

El Fajr time. Wish I could study as much as I blog, this would be great.

Morning prayers go to a friend who his wife and his two little daughters were runed over by a car while crossing the street.

Song listening to now, El Nakshabandy

مولاي اني ببابك قد بسطت يدي فمن لي الوذ به الا انت يا سندي

SunSilk hair

It is a synonymies like baby face and gerber face, usually using it to describe really beautiful hair. The expression developed as I found sun silk TV ads to be the most eye catching ones, though herbal essences are good, but they tend to focus on the experience more than the hair.

What reminded me of all this, was the girl I first used the expression on. An old university colleague who really had beautiful hair. I just ran into her in ahlan ya bakawat while it was showing in Alex. And for my amazement the very next day I saw her driving as I came out of work and she waved to me.

We never actually talked except once when I ran into her at work and helped her out with a thing back then, think it was about 6 years ago.

Long wavy dark volumes hair was always my weak spot, guys used to say hair is ok, not wow but ok, I used to contradict them and say it is a fetna, this is why ALLAH asked to be covered for the week hearted like me can walk safely in the street.

The first pic of really flashy hair, the one here is more natural and real, I like the last one

24 March, 2007


a song sang by Ti-GG-er from the tigger movie
Mostly I'm happy and I'm bouncy
Because I am the onliest one
(hmm hmm hmm)
But now all at once I feel so lonely
For someone like me
(someone like me)
Right now I'm sorta feelin' downsee
I'm just about the loneliest one
(hmm hmm hmm hmm)
And deep in my heart
I'm sorta wishin'
For someone like me
(someone like me)

somebody with springs and things
Who laughts and sings and jumps everyday
Somebody who's fun, fun, fun
Who loves to trounce and pounce and
bounce the gloomies away

How I dream there is another
A double or a triple of me
(to keep him company)
But since I'm awake I feel so lonely
Because I know it can't be
(it never can be)

Being the I'm the one and onliest
someone like me
Someone like me

23 March, 2007

You are The Hierophant

Divine Wisdom. Manifestation. Explanation. Teaching.

All things relating to education, patience, help from superiors.The Hierophant is often considered to be a Guardian Angel.

The Hierophant's purpose is to bring the spiritual down to Earth. Where the High Priestess between her two pillars deals with realms beyond this Earth, the Hierophant (or High Priest) deals with worldly problems. He is well suited to do this because he strives to create harmony and peace in the midst of a crisis. The Hierophant's only problem is that he can be stubborn and hidebound. At his best, he is wise and soothing, at his worst, he is an unbending traditionalist.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

21 March, 2007

هرمت فردي نجوم الطفولة

For the person when she prays I know the prayers are true and from the heart, when she says she hates me and act like so I am sure she is pretending and it hurts her more than it hurts me, for the one making me whish I be a little child again so she could hold me and carry me around once again.
For my mama, for the one when I pray I just pray ya rab mama, can never find words or ask for something equaling her giving's to me.

Tonight prayers go for her as always, and all the moms all over the world and for those who didn’t have their own children but yet are great moms for everyone around them.

14 March, 2007


Just prayers for tonight, for my friends father who got a heart attack and in hospital now, and for a young mom with a young child and a husband suffering from cancer, may Allah grant them true faith and peace of mind regardless the outcome.

11 March, 2007

Accountants aren't boring people. They just get excited over boring things.

how true, and i just found this amazing site that got my heart bounding, been a dream for me to go to Harvard business school or MIT. and look what MIT just done.

really wish i could drop the shadows of the conspiracy theory and believe this is for the common good.

wikinomics, really have to chk this book.

going to cairo :-(( i hate it, hate compu me, and Virginie. but at least will be meeting my old friends

10 March, 2007

Semper Fidelis

Mom used to tell me, policemen are your friend, if you are in the street and get into any trouble find one and he will help you out. When u cant cross a street cause of speedy cars, go and ask one to help you cross it.

I admired their stand when a small bunch of them with light weapons stood up against the occupation force and held their ground in a day that came their holiday.

In the last couple of days I saw simple police soldiers helping a blind man finding his directions, school children passing busy streets. But all those were the simple recruited soldiers.

As I grow up I started to hate police officers, the seen of karate squads all in black storming into Alexandria faculty of engineering while I was in junior school, stories when they want to arrest someone they actually arrest his mother or sister to force him to give himself up, the way policemen handled riots in universities, corruption among them starting from el morror to drug enforcement and to top it all up, the torture video clips recently released. The way they handled the after mass of sinia attacks and the ones putting iron chain in the street to find parking for their cars.

All the above made me hate them cause they didn’t enforce or protect the law, but they were above the law, abusing their powers and humiliating people they vowed to protect.

Just the other day I read about the young officer who died in the line of duty after a hot pursuit of a car containing a woman kidnapped and was to be rapped by a group of animals.

I am sure when he took the decision to pursuit the car he knew the risk, I am sure he knew the price he should pay when the moment of truth come since he first joined the force. He knew it and he delivered.

My night prayers goes for this young man and for all the men in uniform who are pure in heart and vowed to pay the price what ever it is to keep us safe and a thank you to him for the wakeup call he sent there is hope and there is no absolute darkness
Also a prayer of strength and good wishes for all my dear friends overseas. In cairo, UAE, Canada, Assiout. And UK

Song in the back of my mind an old abla fadila song
ماما .. بابا .. وطني .. علمي .. حرية .. قومية .. جندي .. بلدي .. شجاع ..

A song been listening to for hours, bahebek wa7ashteni for Egypt and for her

Semper Fidelis= for ever loyale, the US marine corps slogan

07 March, 2007


Mickey, Micky Geib and Super Mickey. Simple love them. They helped me through bad times and made my good times more enjoyable.

When it stopped for a while was a real shoack for me, kept reading the old issues I had over and over and when I was all done, went to el helal establishment to see if they have mogaladat we keda.

Then nahdet masr came to the rescue, more colorful and trendy. Lots of people find it really strange that I am still buying it, the newspaper guy thought I am buying it for my kids, so when pooh magazine came he suggested I should chk it out. (pooh is my favorite)

Why do I still read it? Cause it never has a sad ending, even sad endings are funny, no one dies, no one ends up hurt for ever and time seems to have stopped for them. Donald and daisy are still dating and never got older, Huey, Dewey and Louie are still at school.

Extremists attacked Mickey and the foreign culture it is promoting. Informal relations, dating, a single parent family and the good old uncle scrouge being a misere which isn’t in out culture.

All these things I never noticed while I read it as a kid. Mom used to read it for me and she ends up sleeping and leave me just going through the images to try and figure out how the story ends and this was one of the main reasons I learned to read in an early age.

I feel happy when I buy it, happier when I find super mickey as it comes as a surprise for me.

How amazing the simplest things in life are the most that makes us happy, and how our simplest wishes are the hardest to come true.

06 March, 2007


I really cant describe what is happening in Alexandria these days, all the streets are in a very bad condition and this had been the case for a couple of years, but for the pavements Kaman.
I cant drive at all, I keep hearing strange sounds in the car, also cant determine if the vibrations and jingles in the car are from it or from the bad roads.

They cut trees, a very sad seen for me as we don’t have enough of them in alex, they cut the big ones and put matchsticks hoping it will grow to be big ones !!!!!!!!
They destroy perfectly good pavements and building new ones!!!!!!!!! Though lots of them was only built less than a year ago.

When I am riding a taxi, the taxi drivers with every matab beyed3o 3ala el mohafez, people walking in the streets get hurt from all the unorganized unsupervised construction.

They say all will be over in a couple of months and all will be ok, but 50% of the expenditure from my view was totally unjustified just waste of my money.

I am not asking about natural gas, petroleum or suez canal revenues, I am asking where does my money in the form of tax goes. Why don’t I feel better off in terms of services?

My heart aches awi from the corruption, and it is all around us

عمر بن عبدالعزيز قال لو تعثرت دابه في اقصى الارض لسئلت عنها يوم القيامه

fire walls are down

A bright, sunny, clear day. The type of day u hate to be at work or staying indoors. But on the other side, it is a slow day at work.

Got a friend a fake watch as birthday present!!!!!!!! Couldn’t believe myself. But seems it is the new hip these days and I was totally out of time and was for 350!!!!!!!!!! My friends told me the originals cost 10,000+

I was never good at remembering dates or names. But started keeping track of them lately thanks to yahoo calendar.

She hated me for not remembering our special dates, she was right, but I always had an edge over her. I never forgot how it felt or how it was like. Maybe this is why I cant forget easily.

Song in the back of my mind, hotel California ( some dance to remember, some dance to forget )

05 March, 2007


The bigger the investment, the bigger the expected return, the higher the tenor also the higher expected return and along the way we find risk

Investment is associated with sacrifice; return associated with fulfillment and risk is uncertainty.

Opportunity cost, is the cost of investing in another project that could yield a totally different return.

It is the last one that burdens my heart, the forgone opportunity. The deprived return not for me, but for others who thought it was a sound investment.

Prayers goes tonight for stronger bonds between all of us.

Pits and pieces

I google the people I find online. A fellow blogger said it in a blog, this reminded me of old arguments people used to have about pits and pieces of digital info we leave behind in the cyber world. Groups, blogs, profiles, forums even full web pages.

Even if too careful using an alias and everything, if u attend a conference or an event most probably personal details will end up to be publicly available

Never give your true name, phone number, family details and a big no for a personal picture. This used to be the golden rule for surviving online, but now lots of people forgot it and end up being hurt in all sorts of ways.

Will my comments online makes me legally liable or ethically wrong. Here I am not talking about political blogging, but your normal regular vanilla flavored blog.

I cherish my privacy and highly respect other people right for privacy.

04 March, 2007

morning news

One of my best friends at work his little baby child is in hospital suffering from a brain hemorrhage caused at her birth

Another friend father, his leg was amputated cause of diabetes, doctors managed to avoid such an action a couple of months ago, but this time they couldn’t.

Visit to Cairo delayed

Really need to pray. Really need to lose weight

03 March, 2007

a friend asked me why did u stop blogging?
the answer was cause i finally handed in the late exams, but not to worry, will be back again, as i still have one more to hand in and 2 reports.

word of the day procrastination
wrong decision of the day= watching perfume instead of happy feet
disappointment of the day= not able to go to the cinema and watch ana mesh ma3ahom

prayer of today goes to a little baby child, a she, only months old who has to go a bone marrow transplant operation, ya rab she grows to be a beautiful bride. Patience and strength for her parents and hope that money would be raised in the right time.