27 February, 2008


How many times should ones heart be broken

Why should hope exist if disappointment will follow.

why cant wounds heal and leave scars.

why do pain grow stronger every time as if it is the first time.

if darkness will be forever why should light be remembered

اللهم اجعل الحياة زيادة لنا فى كل خير واجعل الموت راحة لنا من كل شر

19 February, 2008

A must see

Every once in a while I come through a movie that touches me in a special way; the last movie was “the devil wears Prada” and the new one is “the bucket List”.

Movie fanatics sure know the tagline, but actually seeing it was amazing, it talks about two men in the terminal stage of cancer and how they want to spend their last days, their families, wishes, hopes, regrets, suffering and smiles.

This film touched some of my fears. Growing old, dying alone, terminal diseases and how a person look back to his life and work. And above all what truly matters in life.

a Sad Walk

Couple of nights ago as I was walking home a mid aged woman was walking in front of me facing the coming car traffic. She was average, nothing special or outstanding.
We had the same rhythm fa kept almost the same distance.

Then a corolla pulled over, a mid aged driver who I would at any given day perceive as a nice person started flashing the head lights and lifting his hand slightly as if saying hi. She ignored him and continued walking.

Thought the story was over and the guy would move along, but he took a u turn and gave it another trial. With the same response from the lady, ignored him totally.

The same story repeated but instead of the corolla it was a Nissan sunny, and yes it was 2 trials bardo. Both me appeared to be mid fifties, well off and decent.

Their was absolutely nothing special about her, just a woman, most probably walking home after a long day at work just like me, I took a quick glimpse of her face as I crossed the street, felt she was about to cry.
I can’t imagine how it felt for her; how she will go home and most probably will never mention the incident in order to avoid getting her family worried or simply to avoid the argument.

Most probably she will spend the night thinking of the image she is reflecting, the way she dress and walk and what she could do to avoid such situation again.

Come to think of it, she was lucky compared to more dark scenarios that we end up reading about in the papers.

Night prayers goes to her, and all the ones suffering in silent and afraid to talk, for all the people who are suppressed by different means and cant even scream or share. May Allah grant them strength, courage and strong spirits to overcome perils.


Was Thursday, spent it at work till may be 12:30 am then home to prepare a presentation for college which was due in a couple of hours.

Not a valentine person khales, I always had my own vision of valentine that till now never materialized. But at least this valentine managed to help a friend really walk the extra mile to get his fiancée a gift. And for the first time ever I sent S flowers.

Yes. Didn’t send Her flowers and S was the first one to get flowers from me, the little story behind S’s flowers is just we had a talk just before valentines’, and asked about her plans for the day she said “nothing, khales, just hope I have a “mysterious lover” some where who will surprise me this valentine and keep me wondering who he is”
So, just wanted to surprise her, sent her flowers, and signed “mysterious A” to spare her the anxiety and el hamdulelah she figured it out instantly. Just hope I put a smile on her face that day.

Snaps I came across,

The patisserie I get snacks from was rather crowded for a Thursday, men and women getting something sweet to share at home for the occasion.

A couple eloquently dressed the guy withdrawing money from the ATM and the lady in the car, but a frown on their faces.

A quick chat with a coworker which ended by me projecting my self as an anti marriage person.

A group of friends buying a big red teddy for someone,

Red balloons hanged by a flower shop.

Discovered my night chocolate spree ended up with chocolates meant for couples.

When I feel cold I think of Her, and when I am worm I also think of Her. Think I will start to hate winter

10 February, 2008


Ok, Friday started on the wrong foot, for some reason or other dark clouds started together round me. The hunt for an appt was delayed for almost an hour and half, then a phone call from a friend telling me that I “must” submit a case study (yes, yet another one) on Saturday and the final exam is next Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Things I didn’t have a clue about. All this to add to my super stressed self. But thank Allah later in the night things started to brighten up again, the case study and the exam shifted a week, the driver came and somehow was a happy hunt. Met an old friend and my usual trip to virgin that included buying 4 books of which one tackles questions with scientific analysis, like why penguin feet don’t freeze.

Finally after, long anticipation managed to pass by Diwan bookstore, mesh 3aref, it is really nice, but thought it would be much more, with more books, better display and a wow factor associated with it.

Cilantro el mesa7a is becoming a real addiction, like cilantro, the place feels familiar despite its location, think it is a true Egyptian success story.

Enormous amount of negative energy is generating from my department, which makes me feel really bad. And it hurts to see my friends feeling so and not really do anything about it.

Helping s friend prepare a valentine day gift, never thought it would be so difficult or expensive either, a rose, costs 50 pounds, ya3ni if I want to send a couple of dozens I am talking about 1,200 pound, WOW.

Think I am falling in love with Maadi, don’t know why. Seems like a familiar place, unlike Nasr city and mokatam.

My newest urge is buying a wireless mouse and keyboard, I almost did, but the sales guy noted it doesn’t have Arabic characters on it. Saved by the bell.

Want to go to Omra, I cant believe it, and if I told anyone probably they will call me a fanatic or plain crazy, out there is just really addictive.

09 February, 2008

here i go again na nana na

Here I go again, another trip to Cairo and another apartment hunt. Didn’t think it was that difficult, I thought I wasn’t demanding khales.

Just a small apartment, 90-120m, it is taking me more than 2 weeks skipping lectures and spending the weekends with interesting people. Though I went to specialized companies but I found the same treatment as I found with samasra. Think I still have a bit long and bumpy road before I can settle down.

Deep inside me, feel Cairo is the devil, and I am selling my self to it, (bedazeled and Faust struck me most now)

Fellow bloggers do dig in with me in this, I just need a 90-120m appt, in an acceptable location, to be near to giza, specifically the zoo as much as possible, can pay 200,000 cash, 3ala el tarabiza, and install the remaining amount with monthly payment not exceeding 3,000 gondi. And if the appt is eligible for mortgage, I can pay for it 400,000.

Maadi, Mokatam, Manyal and Doki are on top of my list, Nasr city, Tagamo3, 6th of October, and Heliopolis (though love the architecture) are rather far, but I am keeping an open mind.

Advices regarding, how to select an appt, price range, nice places and connections to people who know their way around such matters are most welcomed. And if inshaa Allah all went ok, tips and tricks to furnish such an apartment in the most “cost effective” way is welcomed.

Ps. won’t be willing to sacrifice at least a 32’ LCD TV with surround sound and DVD.

a pic from the train for reef masr el gameel.

02 February, 2008

Blog sphere status

Well, the people I really like reading started to disappear or discontinue blogging. Along with such actions I feel I want to reach to them and c what is wrong what is happening and if I can help.

Freaky isn’t it, and the most scary thing for me why is this bond building up, I read news papers, magazines, books, why doesn’t this bond appear then and only appear while I read blogs?

If someone come with the same story, I would simply tell him “get a life”

Speaking of which, a really wonderful day in Alex, bright and sunny, blue skies, big fluffy white clouds and warm. The kind of weather u wish you are out enjoying with someone.

Speaking about getting a life

This last week was super stressful for me. Had to submit my late exams. Here I am not talking about just exams, but the whole thing, exam answers, late assignment, case studies and essays. Not for one subject but for two subjects. As if this wasn’t enough had a presentation Kaman about sexual harassment in the workplace.

Imagine me, standing up, talking about sexual harassment knowing their will be 2 females among the audience, I skipped inserting a video in the slide show, and forewarned everyone that any questions will be strongly retaliated by asking if this was a really situation the person asking experienced. Went like a breath, but have no idea the impression I gave the doctor.

And as u put a cherry on a perfect Sunday ice-cream, my distinguished and highly esteemed organization surprised me with a quick test compromising of 11, and I read again “ELEVEN” case studies of which I have to chose 3 and submit by next Tuesday ( original dead line was last Thursday but due to “technical difficulties” it was postponed till said date)

The case studies should be work related, but I had the feeling that some how it has something to do with my knowledge of Chinese, nuclear physics and the reproductive habits of the ZogZog.

Leave u now with a short clip from my all time favorite TV series which some how relates to me, my presentation and holding back. And a pic of a perfect day in sweet alex.

Askandarani, from Roastery Raml station over and out,.

Beam my up Scotty.