25 September, 2007

just el hamdulelah.

It is almost Maghreb time, and I am sitting in a cafeteria in ramsis station waitng for my 7 oclock train. Had to come to cairo early this morning after a very short notice me, being optimistic ( wink ) booked a head a return ticket in the 3 o’clock train hoping to have breakfast in alex and pray tarawee7 as normal, but seems I was living in lala land. Finished round 2:45 and innocently asked a friend if I can go from giza to ramsis in 15 minutes, thank god he was fasting and exercised the highest level of self-control. So here I am having Ramadan breakfast all alone in a cafeteria in ramsis station.

Just few people scattered on tables mostly unaccompanied and stranded like me and we all have this sad face on, I would like to think for not being with our families at this time. prayers go to all people who always have to spend such times unaccompanied

i drank Evian water

Ok ok, I have been tricked, and bought a bottle of Evian water, ( natural mineral water from the French Albs) a one litter bottle that cost almost 12 or 14 pounds.

I hate such things, in alex I drink tap water, in cairo I drink bottled water, Egyptian bottled water. The thing is I found it near Nestle bottles and thought this is the improved Baraka brand after its acquisition by Nestle. But the bill was rather high and I took another look at it after I left and BAM as if I was hit by lightening, hated my self but at that time I couldn’t avoid it.

I hate such imported items (chocolates, fancy food, soft drinks…… etc) , for 2 reasons, usually the expiry date is within two months, and the storage isn’t that good fa u end up losing the true value of it, not to mention that they charge an incredible extra amount over its cost.

It was the night befor Ramadan.

I had to go cairo for a quick meeting, bardo ramsis station, but this time a totally different view, people going to their homes carrying candy boxes or wrapped presents the one that touched me most was a very young soldier carrying his big bag and in the other hand a fanoos, I guessed it is a gift for his little brother also a young lady, who seems to be from alex and working in cairo carrying her laptop case, a suitcase and her purse, running to catch the train.

Ramadan has its own spirit, similar to Christmas in the west, but fortunately for us it lasts longer, and unfortunately the things I see after the night of the 27th, as if it is all over, mosques are almost empty, some even start talking about from where to get drugs or setup a night with girls. Just the other day they were spending almost 3 hours praying one shot,

يا مقلب القلوب ثبت قلبي على دينك
للهم إني أعوذ بك أن أبدل نعمتك كفراً، أو أن أكفرها بعد معرفتها، أو أنساها فلا أثني بها

15 September, 2007

cool cubicle


really cool, wish i could have a cubicle like it, and if anyone know where i can get the laser guided missile launcher, plssssss do tell
PS. click on the links several times, it will show u a new trick every time

11 September, 2007


Ramadan. Ohhhhhhhhhhh god how much I am afraid, inshaa allah it is next Thursday this Thursday, I remember last Ramadan, how I prayed hard I could reach this one so I can makeup for all the pitfalls I made in it. And still I have this prayer, inshaa allah mosques will be praying taraweeh Tuesday evening. and every Ramadan I start praying the first day of Ramadan.

While I was in cairo a question came racing to my mind, who do I fear more when doing something wrong people or Allah.

cairo cairo

Well, took my tour round city stars in cairo, virgin was a big disappointment didn’t find any new books but came across an interesting book called how to finance ur small business, thought it would be nice to c how the other side looks to it also another one really looking forward to read “working with you is killing me” sometimes I think I look for answers to my problems in books, but seems I am picking the wrong ones out as I never found a 1-2-3 manual

Compu me, the place where I can Easley spend a fortune without regret. Actually regret hits as soon as I chk my credit cards balance. This time I got a 500 gb external hard disk which is connected straight to the router. Hopefully this will be the home for all the movies and music files I have.. wanted to chk the new extension but I was really on a very tight schedule.

The HV-1600

This car is amazing, it is the second car I drive in my life after the famous 128. the HV-1600 is aka Aziza 3,

It has mirrors, actually it has 3 kaman, the normal in the middle of the cabin and one at each side of the front doors. Kidding off course, the thing is in the 128 the only fully function mirror was the one in the middle, the right hand side mirror gave up ages ago, the driver mirror isn’t stable which leaves me with the center mirror, now while parking I don’t have to pup out my head to chk if I am too close to the pavement or the quick glance over my right shoulder to chk if it is ok to take a severe right.

It comes with an air-condition which unfortunately took us ages to use, the tawkeel said we must finish 1000 KM before starting to use it. And I fell in love with the power steering it makes maneuvering soooooo easy and relieves the tension from ones arm.

As for the drawbacks, think the fuel consumption is abit higher than the 128 and most important I cant apply the booz base cause still I am not fully aware of the car dimensions. Btw, I gave it the first scratch


The blog had been compromised. should I start the self destruct sequence or make it invite only or what?
When I first started the blog I shared it with some friends and fellow blogers came along. But this is the first time an uninvited reader who actually knows me came along. Think a friend told him this is askandarani’s blog and he checked it out.

I am fine with him, but it will affect the image I am portraying as he said some of your posts are really touchy and he almost cried and he found I could write English without starting with “re the a/m subject” he found a beating heart behind the unexpressional face.

This reminded me of a friend who when reading my blog said she owed me an apology cause she “thought I wasn’t such a nice person”

Think I will do nothing, but hate to feel week.

Luchiano Pavaroti

Luchiano pavaroti died. I really loved this guy, he voice was out of this world he used it for good and helped the needed and revived a dying art. He made it cool to listen to operas and attracted new audience to it. Now anyone who is into music should have listened to at least three of his songs including avee marya, nesson dorma and

Funny, I am listening now to “my Way” pavaroti and Sinatra. I stood tall and did it my way. I wonder how many of us can say the same.

04 September, 2007

Little Box

i added a mounir's song in my little box, it is "amana ya ba7r" thanks goes to shebak for reminding me of it, dedication goes to all my friends over seas and after el bawabat. a special dedication goes to rubi.

امانة يا سما حاسبى على الاحباب
أحميهم يا سما دول فى البحور أغراب
أمانة يا هوا تكتب على الشراع:
اللقا اكيد من بعد الوداع

03 September, 2007

ياه. نهي محمود. المدونه عدت يا رجاله

She left me a comment, I don’t know how she could have ever trampled on my blog in the vast world of blogsphere. Been wanting to buy her book الحكي فوق مكعبات رخام like forever now, inshaa allah will try getting it before Ramadan. I cant believe till now I didn’t come across this book in alex. But alas, alex is always late when it comes to cultural events.

Speaking of which, I don’t like our governor, nor what he is doing to alex, he is removing the uniqueness of alex. No more black and yellow pavements, no more beautiful street lights.

Pavements now are black and white, streetlights are like the ones u find in el 2aryaf, not the cheek ones they used to exist which turned safia zagloul st as if it is a part of france. lots of our internal streets are still not paved and finally the disaster in the tunnel leading to carrefour. Simply ceramic 7amamat. The plain one was much better.

Hate to say it, but his taste is sooooo fala7i