27 July, 2008

Hate Promotion

:-(( was browsing youtube for some of moez Masoud clips ( a really cool guy ) and I ended up finding some wrap Saudi songs calling Egypt and Egyptians lots of bad names and as if this isn’t enough, I found Egyptian wrap song returning the courtesy.

My encounters with Saudi nationals were limited to my trips to omra and hij and some Saudis who worked for the consulate. They are good people my only concern is they aren’t as witty as us and sometimes crude but not in a rude way.

Saudis are in a special part of my heart cause of religious reasons and stories I herd from Egyptians and their encounters with them.

This is why I went to youtube and flagged the content as abusive and encouraging hate, and done the same to the Egyptian song Kaman.

If you come across these songs, pls do the same.

Ya Allah, we have so much in common and yet we insist to focus on the differences which are minor, other nations united, different languages, and different religions and they chose to be together

i am sure this flag represent a dream in the heart of every Arab, prayer for us to be strong enough and make it real


Got a book mark from a friend who just been to turkey, and the amazing thing is, just yesterday was thinking of a bookmark to use for el moshaf as the last one mysteriously disappeared and today I just find the perfect bookmarker for this purpose. Aren’t they great. ( they for the bookmarks and friends, thanks a MILLION)


Mmmmm, ok, Karkar was a real disappointment and actually disgusting Kaman. But boshkash is somehow ok. not wow or good, just ok. Not as many laughs as I hoped, unlike his first movies, I used to really laugh my heart out.

May be it is a step to the right direction after the isfaf of karkar ( I hope ) and the coming film would be better and more back to basics.

Yes, I love this guy and his movies, specially the old ones; one of his songs is in my little box Kaman. Me humming kolo kolo koom

25 July, 2008

The last lecture, final part

Randy Pausch, the author of the last lecture passed away today, leaving a wife, 2 boys and a baby girl. may he rest in peace

"We don't beat the reaper by living longer, we beat the reaper by living well and living fully"

Alarming signal

Couldn’t get Mickey magazine for almost the past four weeks. The simple story is, I finish work way too late and cant find any news stand available that late at night. The funny thing, it is affecting me, feel I am breaking the norm.

Me being reckless

This is me driving the Verna on my way from borg el arab, was tempted by the empty road to see how fast I can go. And voala, the attached pic.

Children, don’t ever try it, older children, NEVER try it

16 July, 2008

you are mine

came across this poem in Marwa Rakha blog, just how true, some women do have the talent of planting such seed inside the souls of other, even unintentionally and their victims are forever blessed or forever cursed. hope u enjoy it and suggest a cure.

I will drop you in the deepest of oceans
but like a message in a bottle
you will swim to my shore.

I will fly you in the highest of skies
but like a homing pigeon
you will land on my window.

I will let you loose in the busiest of streets
but like a domestic cat
you will stray back to my door.

I will throw you out in the coldest of nights
but like a christmas gift
you will adorn my tree.

I will let you go and walk away
but like the son I never had
I will hear you calling my name.

When you were not looking,
in your core
I planted my seed.

Before you know it,
I shall grow in your soul
like a leafy tree of a hundred years.

I will toss you and turn you
hurt you and burn you
chew you and spit you.

I will hold you and hug you
kiss you and caress you
inhale you and crave you.

Lose yourself in my passion and rage;
Surrender your weapons;
Come unarmed for I will invade you.

I promise to do all that and more;
Do not resist me;
You are mine.

13 July, 2008

Was a film I didn’t get its name showing on TV the other night, Hala Fakher was acting the role of an Egyptian teacher who is getting older, the doctor just told her it is too late to have children and just then an old man propose to her and she just want to be happy, despite material delights (new mobile, ice cream we keda ) she experienced nothing brought her the feeling of joy.
She love an old student of her who grow to be a fine young woman and she wants her to experience the happiness she never did.

Though never got to end it and the film seemed rather cheap, but was really touched.
{ومن آياته أن خلق لكم من أنفسكم أزواجاً لتسكنوا إليها وجعل بينكم مودة ورحمة} الروم 21،

This what our Quran tells us about marriage and what we should be like and search for in the relation always the word تسكنوا fascinated me just the feeling of me returning home after a tiring trip and the feeling I experience when I through my weary body on the bed. And the words of موده و رحمه both words are used to describe Allah الودود و الرحيم

I think of the words and their meaning and think of myself and people around me, I pray that no one is deprived from such experience. I pray really hard. May Allah make all our homes full of love, care and mercy.
Ya rab u know the people I pray for.

يا نفس

تذودي من التقوي فانك لا تدري اذ جل ليل هل تعيش الي الفجري

فكم من فتي امسي واصبح ضاحكا وقد نسجت اكفانه وهو لا يدري

وكم من عروس زينوها لزوجها وقد قبضت ارواحهم ليلة القدري
وكم من صغار يرتجي طول عمرهم وقد ادخلت اجسادهم ظلمة القبري
وكم من صحيح مات من غير علتن وكم من سقيم عاش حين من الدهري
يارب يامن يجيب دعاء المضطر في الظلمي يا كاشف الدر والبلوي مع السقمي

ان كان اهل التقوي فاضوا بما عملوا فمن يجود علي العاصين بالكرمي
من اشعار الخليفه على بن ابى طالب

06 July, 2008

I Aveo, I Aveo

Had i known it had this effect, I would have got it red.

03 July, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Got a chance to finally go and see a movie, it was kung fu panda. A great movie with some great laughs, some shots reminded me of work and really liked the "iiiiinnnnneeeer peace" part.

Lately, I am finding some sort of a trend in all animated movies. The plot is almost always the same. Challenging ones preset destiny and accepting the “different”. Bee movie, kung fu panda, horrton hears a who just comes to mind.

Night prayers for prejudice to be removed from our hearts and acceptance and tolerance to fill it. (and for me to manage and finish 2 exams in less than 2 days)

01 July, 2008

الاولي اااااااةةةةةةةةةةةةةةة

Today is her birthday, and still no roses sent.

Train thoughts, mmmm i lost count

On my way back from cairo, and for a change no one occupying the seat beside me. Just stock me now the posts I used to write while I was searching for the apt we keda, now the search is over, a couple of days and the renovations will be over inshaa allah and managed to bring along some electrical appliances. Inshaa allah by the beginning of next week will start shopping around for furniture.

Also finally I got a car, it is a silver Chevrolet Aveo, while I was paying the dealer the money he asked why he doesn’t feel me happy and excited about the new car, told him I needed my own car and the Aveo just suited me in terms of budget and convenience. He said just like gawa el salonat, and happiness will follow later. Communicated the comment for a friend and he said 85% of the time I don’t show facial expressions which automatically puts me in the cold hearted or the not carrying category.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sooooo thankful to allah for all the blessings I have but all these things are just steps for the big move, and the big move is surrounded by hundreds of question marks and wrapped with pure uncertainty.

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand

My bed side reading these days is the “last lecture” a book about a professor who has some type of cancer and is dying and nothing can be done to reverse his condition, he wrote about how his dad and mom played an important role for him to become who he is, and how he will be missing playing such a role with his children, the book is just an attempt to leave some sort of legacy for his children and a message for the world about what really matters about life. Who else could better talk about life except someone who really knows he is running out it.

Why some took the leap and askandarani didn’t

Past week was strange, beside going to new “interesting” places I never dreamt of going to, been asked several times by different people about my age, for how long I have been working, and time spent at my current job coupled with the internal question of are you married and why not and readiness to hook me up.

Speaking of which, guys at work are giving me a tough time regarding the marriage issue, though having other people to focus on, but this time they shoes to focus on poor me. Oh yes, and the tie thing started to emerge, same words, but from different tongues.

If only they knew

pls click this link, seems some may die of a broken heart