31 December, 2008


a new year, a new hope and a prayer

26 December, 2008


Reall real, feel feal fiel, sigh thigh ( I mixed the later in a comment in one of the blogs and it was a she blog, me blushing akher haga)

My spelling is lawzy if it wasn’t for the spell checker in word I would be back to junior one, ( to improve it and to work on my handwriting) I read a lot and I write a lot but never concentrate in spelling and I feel it is too late to fix it.

Arzak Al Qawther

Finally go the chance to try “Arzak el Qawther” been wanting to give it a try since I moved to maadi, but never got to it. but as I was coming to cairo last time I stopped and gave it a try, got lots of sandwiches to get an over all feel of the quality and I was impressed, a friend told me it is over priced but I found it comparable to el tabi el domyati and didn’t find a huge gab.

Anything spicy they call it “seyedi” and any thing sousey they call it askandarani, but over all they tend to be on the spicy side of the cuisine

Cilantor take II

and finally hot chocolate is back to cilantro, missed it awi, though I can hardly notice any significant difference in taste than the old brand, but it is great to have a cup during the day, our office boy noticed I never order anything from him and also noticed get hot chocolate form cilantro, fa today he came to me with a cup of hot chocolate early in the morning. I was really touched.
Think I may take his attempt one step further and get nesquick, nido and cadboury dairy milk chocolate and teach him how to mix the ingredients together and spare my wallet the 14 pounds

Askandarani and the secret of the lost socks.

I have one missing socks, it vanished, I checked the laundry basket, bedroom, shoes and in the basket, doubled checked the washing machine itself so it wont be stuck in it also checked my pijama pockets and still nothing. I think my washing machine is a socks eater (better explanation than the haunted apt hypothesis)

20 December, 2008


At this time of year I sit and contemplate on the year as it draws to an end. Cant say 2008 was one of the fine years or bad years but rather one of those years that I took lots of decisions in it that I know will affect my life drastically in the years to come. I just pray that I took the right decisions and for 2009 to be more gentle to me cause God knows I really need to put my mind to peace.

Bye bye 2008 with your infinite loop and welcome 2009, may you bring joy and happiness for everyone


As I look through the window to the flowing water of the nile I realize the water I am looking to now, isn’t the same water I will be looking to passing seconds later, a constant reminder that nothing will ever be the same.

I miss the sea more, it is more eventful and touches the horizon in a way that shows endless possibilities

loan sharks

Huey, Dewey, and Lewey were introduced to a loan shark, the story is a typical scenario that lots of adults face in real life, if you get it to you kids give it a shot and read it, u may learn a lesson. They had their happy ending, but in real life, I hardly find a happy ending

Speaking of mickey, I noticed when they have a beach seen they tend to color the bodies of the “female characters” found it strange, as the old mickey never did that. Somehow reminded me of Burda ( a female fashion magazine mom used to buy) think the Arabic version that was sold in KSA had all skin parts of the women painted in black.


I love cilantro, staff are nice, ambiance is the closest that comes to my definition of a cafe (harries is ok, but they are too stiff ) and their ingredients are always fresh. BUT

When I go to one of their branches it is ok to pay the bill, cause I am being seated, served and enjoy all the above, but when they launch a small 2 man stand with no seating arrangement, thought their prices would be lower, but still they charge the same prices. ???!!!!! for a sandwich, juice and a cookie to eat on my desk I feel I am paying a fortune, though they maintain the same quality they should slash their prices a bit.

Reality chk

I met someone who knew my blogger side before knowing the real me and when I asked about the differences she found between me and askandarani she listed the following.

Askandarani is sweet, soft and a humetaian

While me is stubborn, tough, practical, shy and get bored easily. And a totally new note “he convince himself the woman in front of him is anything but a woman so he can communicate”

Why am I sharing such a note, simply because I am afraid in the blog I may reflect a more “ideal and refined” reflection of me

اللهم اجعلنى صغيرفى عينى كبير فى اعين الناس عزيز عند خلقك ذليلا بين يديك

13 December, 2008

Been thinking of sending this msg to several people I know, but never got the courage to do it

What are the chances of you saying yes if I ask you out for diner?

Downtown Alex

Today I got a chance to go to downtown, have a nice walk, enjoy the sunshine, have breakfast at Mohamed ahmed and hot chocolate at deliese.
The brightness, clearness and fresh air all are things I miss in cairo.

Appartment Thoughts

I don’t have ketchup. Though I am not a ketchup person but not having a ketchup bottle in a kitchen seemed weird

Sometimes when I pass in the corridor I check if the bathroom mirror still shows my reflection in it

I always flush the toilette when I finish, but lately seems I forget ( a better explanation than the “others” are using it”

I hate spending my life in the bedroom; need to get a living badly to inhabit the “area outside”

Need to get a satellite receiver, what is keeping me is time needed for the cable guy to come and make all the wiring

Need to walk and discover my surroundings

TELEPHONE need to get it over with

Need to put my name on the mail box and Dictaphone


Those are some of blogs I used to follow and now they seized to exist either deleted or password protected. I miss reading them and only unhappy thoughts come to mind when I think about the reason behind this closure.



Breaking News

Ok, finally I got to sit beside a lady, who doesn’t quite fit my definition of a chic, but at least she is a she for a change, but this she is a tech junky with an attitude Kaman. She got a laptop, blackberry, usb modem via mobile operator and almost on the phone since we came. And I am keeping my peace and distance Kaman.

Apologies for statistics, the rail way authority have specified certain chairs for people who book on line, fa usually you will find me sitting in car 6 seat 45 when I am heading to cairo and car 1 seat 7 or 8 when I am heading to alex. So much for random probability.